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Sunday 25th July from midday, at Ambleside Sports Club.

A day of football & fundraising in memory of Martin Bull.

There will be face painting & a recently

built play area on site, for younger children.

2pm - Football match kickoff:

This will be a very friendly charity match between Ambleside Panthers, the team Martin used to coach, which is effectively an under 18 team now & Ambleside Allstars, which will be made up of Martin’s friends/ex teammates from when he played. They very much won’t be an under 18 team!

Dave Walford ran the Panthers team with Martin & will manage that team on the day, and has already started to contact the lads, to confirm their availability. Dave Hart & Matty Harper will be helping with the running of the Panthers team.

Dave Brining & Matt Rice will get together the players for the Allstars team & manage them on the day (player managers??). I think they’ve already got 20 players (keep in mind their age range!), including Martin’s brother.

Post Match BBQ, so approx 3.30pm-4pm:

Bozi has said that Ambleside Sports Club will pay for all of the food for a BBQ.

There won’t be a fixed price for hotdogs/burgers, but there will be a jar for people to pay whatever they want to, if they want to. All of this money will go to charity. It’s a really great gesture from Ambleside to cover all of the food costs & not ask for anything back from any donations that are received.

There will be a Raffle. 100 tickets available for £5 each. We are hoping that some generous souls will donate prizes, so all of the £500 raised from the sale of the tickets will go to the charity. Tickets can be bought in advance, for those people who would like to enter, but cannot make it to the club on the day.

If you’d like to buy tickets in advance, or if you’d like to volunteer to help with the BBQ, or if you’d like any further information on any of the above, please email Jonathan on the address below:

The clubhouse will be open throughout the day, so we have a great opportunity to come together and celebrate the life of Martin Bull.

Please share the details of this day of fundraising, in Martin’s memory, far & wide, so we can have as many people as possible involved & will subsequently raise a significant sum of money for a really great charity.


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