Vicki Cole

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Offline: £14,996.73

Target: £22,000.00

Vicki was a pretty, lively child with lots of personality. From the moment she was born on the 14th April 1985 she was wide awake and interested in everyone around her. Vicki was popular with her friends and was always on the phone gossiping and laughing. Vicki was devastated by the the death of her father, when she was 13. She was very close to Martin and once when Helen went away for the weekend, turned to her father and said ' now we can do what we want!' Vicki was a beautiful young woman who struggled during her teenage years. She was happiest when clubbing and once organised her own profit making club night. Vicki was studying a degree in event management when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, just after her 21st birthday. She never complained about her fate and we met some fantastic doctors and nurses, although she did have a few choice words about some of the medical staff she encountered on her terrible journey. Vicki always said how lucky she was to have people around her who looked after her, but we were the lucky ones to see how someone so young could face, with courage, something so awful. Vicki died at home on the 29th October 2007. Vicki never had the chance to fulfil her potential and make her way in the world. However, she would be please that money can be raised in her memory to help others.

Latest donations

  • £600.00 Phil and Sue Markham

    Thinking of you always Vicki, and all those who MacMillan support.

  • £100.00 Josh & Sophie H

    A wonderful tribute to your beautiful Vicki. We can’t wait to try your legendary recipes x

  • £30.00 Lorraine Davies

    Well done on the fabulous cook book Helen xx

  • £30.00 Janet & Nick

    Congratulations Helen, I’m so very proud you and all you’ve achieved over the years. Just bought one for Jacqui as well x

  • £200.00 Beryl Hatch

    I am so proud of you Helen! In loving memory of a much missed Granddaughter, lots of love Mum x

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